Unusual training


Today I had very unusually training, I was climbing with the measuring instruments. This is a part of my preparation to the world championships. We had to know how my body consumes oxygen while speed climbing. We also used the accelerator which measures the position of my body in different planes during the day. The pulse was mastered as well. The entire study will last seven days.

unusual workout, photo A. Kaminski

unusual workout, photo A. Kaminski

Good, that climbing with the mask was only today. But the rest instruments accompany me 24 hours a day! After completion of studies, I have to wait to analyze the results. After this time I get a recommendation from the experts about my lifestyle and training. I hope that this is another step forward in my athletic career.

Speed climbing, photo A. KaminskiSpeed climbing, photo A. Kaminski

Although running in the mask was uncomfortable, while today’s training I noted very good times. From what I'm satisfied. You can see how it was on the video.